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The Demise of Gambling Haven Atlantic City


The Demise of Gambling Haven Atlantic City

The Las Vegas strip and Atlantic City boardwalk are among the most popular locations in the world for gamblers to visit in an attempt to get the ultimate casino thrill. With almost every building seeming to be a chance to have a flutter on whatever game takes their fancy, the east-coast location 60 miles north of Pittsburgh has been a thriving city for years - until recently.

Atlantic City has gone from a gambling haven to a gambling ghost town, with four of its biggest casinos having already closed its doors in 2014 and more set to follow soon unless the trend takes a sudden turn.

The place has a population of around 40,000, many of which work in the casinos and it is almost without a shadow of a doubt a ‘one industry’ city. Without the income from the casinos each year, Atlantic City would almost certainly be more like a run down town you’d see in a Western movie than a thriving location filled with excited gamblers looking to get their fix having spent hundreds to fly across the world to be there after reading about it on sites like or hearing reviews from friends or colleagues who recently visited.

The boardwalk city based on the coast has everything you could ask for if you’re looking for a short trip to play the casinos - the beach and a beautiful city during the day for you to relax on and explore, then the vibrant casinos to take on at night. However, it’s estimated that the closures and predicted closures will cost around 10,000 people their jobs and, having been one of the homes of gambling for the past 30 years, that will hit the public and the industry hard.

There are claims that a large proportion of those likely to be affected by the closures are based out of Atlantic City itself, and that the other casinos which are still making money are likely to hire them, but there are no promises especially in a city - and industry - that is feeling the pinch thanks to the lower amount of disposable income that people have and the development of online gambling which means people can get their fix without leaving their homes.

One of the main reasons, however, has been that economists believe the ‘cross-fertilization’ of casinos in Atlantic City has led to gamblers growing tired of ‘the same’ buildings all within close proximity. Essentially, once you’ve been to one casino, you’ve been to them all. If it wasn’t for the all-round experience with the staff-to-customer service, the drinks and the atmosphere, the casinos would all be the same and nobody wants that. The problem is, now the gamblers and their money are disappearing, casino owners don’t have the opportunities to transform their locations into ‘the one’ and now they’re being forced to close their doors permanently.

Only time will tell if Atlantic City can recover, and which casino will be next to be faced with the worst possible decision - to close its doors.

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