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General Rules for Slot Machines

Slot tournaments start at certain time which is announced beforehand. All players occupy their slot machines. Every player is given one thousand free credits. The tournament lasts not long - around 20 minutes. The goal is to collect as many winning combinations as possible. The combination with three or more identical symbols is considered a winning one. All winning combinations are counted and registered. The player with the most winnings combinations wins the tournament.

To participate at the slot tournament, you don’t need to have any special skills or vast experience. All you need is desire to win, good concentration, and excellent reaction. How to achieve success? First of all, concentrate. Be attentive. Do not eat or drink during the game. Remember that you have just twenty minutes and you must spend this time reasonably. Focus only on the game. Think about winning and be confident of yourself.

During the tournament, don’t try to see other players’ results. You can do it after the tournament is over. Try to stick to the optimal speed of playing. To play faster, keep your fingers on the buttons. Remember that you have as many as 1000 credits, and you must try to spend them all. Not used credits burn. Try to make as many spins as possible: very spin increases your chances to get a winning combination.

Don’t forget that it’s forbidden to play for money from your wins. In twenty minutes your game will be automatically frozen. In a special window on the screen of your slot, you will see your result and results of your opponents. If you have won, don’t go away. Wait till casinos administrator comes up to you and fixes your win.


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