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What is bonus betting?                                

Sports betting has never been so easy as it is today. You do not even need to step out of your home to play a bet. Internet has made life very easy and betting too has now become a very convenient. You just need to log in to your favourite betting site and start playing bet online. As most of the people use internet from their Smartphone, you can now have access to sports betting site from just about anywhere from where you can get connected to the internet. Hence we can see that internet has done wonders to the concept of sports betting. 

If you are new in the world of sports betting then you might well find yourself alien with some of the lingo that is being used in the world of sports betting. One of them is bonus betting. So let us learn what bonus betting means. To put it in simple words, whenever you have to play an online bet the first thing that you need to do is to sign up under a sports betting website. As there are hundreds of good sports betting website and all of them are almost the same and they offer the same kind of service as well, they try to lure new users to them by offering what is called as a bonus bet. A bonus bet is the amount that is provided as a bonus by the sports betting website to every new user who joins the site.

Let us understand this with help of an example. One of the most popular bonus betting is bet365 bonus betting and if you sign up with bet365 and play a bet og hundred dollars then if the site provides a bonus of fifty dollars on it then the amount of bonus betting earned by you would be fifty percent of the initial investment. This fifty dollars is the bonus provided by bet365 to you as an encouragement money so that you can play more bets. The amount and percentage of bonus betting can vary from one website to another and it sometimes also depends on the initial amount of the bet played by a new user.

Almost all sports betting websites provides some kind of bonus betting amount to its new user. This trend has been responsible in making online sports betting quite popular. Many people just gets tempted by the bonus and play a bet although they might not be much interested in it. But for those who are really passionate about sports betting, bonus betting amount is a great encouragement for them and helps them to get started with the betting in a much better.  So if you want to get started with sports betting as well then do not forget to claim your bonus betting amount!

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